Saturday, February 5, 2011

Post #5.

I have officially had a bonafide run in with "the glare". You know what I am talking about. I am out in public, specifically the grocery store (mind you, I was in Kings Mountain, a much more common place to receive "the glare" than the big ol city of Charlotte where people mind there business a teeny bit more--but not much). Austen coughs because she is teething/has a cold/shoves her entire fist in her mouth whenever the paci is out of sight for more than a second. This lady next to me in the frozen pizza aisle (yep, not only do I allow my child to cough, I also feed my family processed foods) shoots me "the glare". The "Why is your baby sick, did you expose her to germs? Why is she in public if she's sick? Do you want her to get pneumonia? I never took my kids out in the wintertime. I bet she wouldnt be sick if she was wearing a hat. You should immediately leave the frozen food aisle and aim for warmer aisles." glare.

So, just for fun I looked at Austen as said "Oh, stop faking it" and kept walking.

Take that.

My little darling, who at 6 months has already kind of perfected an angsty return glare. Ha.