Friday, October 14, 2011

oh, dear God.

I am going to need some kind of protective vest to shield against these eyes. I am the mommy. I am in charge. I must say no...I must say no....I must...okay, fine. You win.

Monday, October 10, 2011

We moved!

We moved. And it is freakin' awesome. I keep trying to take pictures but the lighting isn't quite right and theres always a blur of a baby or dog running through--but soon, friends. Soon.

Moving turned out to be a Chad & Jamie production. Our "help", God bless them, showed up after we had completely loaded the truck at the old house. They left shortly after helping us carry the last box into the new house. I have to say, packing and moving practically without any help was actually kind of rewarding. I felt like Chad and I really shined as a team. I could not be proud to say that we did not argue once, we unpacked every box, and hit IKEA and the liquor store...all in just 13 hours!

 playtime with the Grams!

Granted, it was made a heck of a lot easier by the absence of littlest gal. She was with Grammy...and thank heavens for that! It felt so good to bring her in the house with it all set up and introduce her to every room. She ran around pointing and yelling with glee. My play kitchen--in the kitchen!? My ball pit?! The TV--on the wall?! This is awesome! My heart melted into a little puddle of happy.

 eating a creation from her new play kitchen! 
(it was supposed to be for Christmas, by the mister wanted to give it to her now :)

I had talked to some of you about my concern over the fact that the new house doesn't have a bathtub. It seemed okay though--I bathed her in the extra large sink in the kitchen last night and she totally dug it. I am sure I will attempt a shower with her in the near future but I am a little nervous. 

Since that went off without a hitch, I decided to go ahead and try to put her to bed without her nighttime bottle. I warmed up some milk and put it in a sippy cup....and to my surprise, it wasn't the epic meltdown I anticipated. She fussed a little and didn't drink as much milk as she would have but she did go to sleep rather quickly. That being said, she woke up at 2 am and 4 am screaming like the world was ending. It's hard for me to know if this is "new house" behavior, repercussions from ditching the bottle or just normal stuff...since shes only slept through the night a handful of times anyway.

Now that Chad is down 4 wisdom teeth, we have a new address, and Austen's ear infection has gone away (although the remnants of her off-balance week can still be seen on her face in the shape of a bruise *sad face*), I hoping our little family can enjoy some peace and quiet and some much needed bonding time in the coming weeks.

So, that's what we have been up to. Hope everyone had a great weekend.