Saturday, January 15, 2011

Post #2.

I have noticed that there are a few things that are universal about motherhood. We all feel guilty for leaving our children no matter how desperately we wanted a break, we all peek in on them when they are sleeping, and we all do the following things to insure that we are in fact "good mothers":

--No matter what kind of flooring surface it is, no matter how dirty the floor or the blanket--if we lay a blanket down before we put our kid on the floor, we are good mothers. (Bonus points if the flooring surface is cleaned and disinfected with vinegar and hot water as opposed to harmful chemicals. I am lucky if the floor has been mopped this week.).

--No matter where the paci fell, if we rinse it off before giving it back to the baby(or in some cases, put it in our own mouths), we are good mothers. (Bonus points if you use those little pacifier wipes. I never have.)

--No matter the temperature or circumstances, if our children are wearing socks and/or shoes AND we manage to keep both socks/shoes on for the duration of the day, we are good mothers. (Bonus points if all of these things coordinate with the childs outfit. Austen has one pair of shoes that fit and they are the weirdest shade of purple and pink. Which match nothing.)

--No matter the temperature or circumstances, if we drape a blanket across our child's lap in the carseat or stoller, we are good mothers. (Bonus points if you made the blanket. I can't sew.)

--If we carry enough diapers and wipes to clean the behinds of every person at our destination, even though our child will most likely only need one, we are good mothers. (Bonus points if they're cloth diapers--mine are not).

As I venture further into motherhood, I am sure that I will discover more things that we do for our own peace of mind--that more than likely are not always necessary. I think it is amusing that we can love these little people so much that we are willing to do absolutely anything for them--even if it takes us 15 minutes to pack them up to leave the house.

As you can see here, I am practicing "good motherhood"--Austen's socks match and she has on mittens. However, nothing really goes together so I lost the bonus points. Dang.

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