Monday, April 30, 2012

Don't sleep.

Hey there. I know, its been awhile.

Lately, it seems everyone (25 people, literally) I know is pregnant. Bellies are burgeoning and shower invites are flooding in and there is so much procreation going on that my heart is bursting with joy and excitement for what they are all about to feel.

I see Facebook updates of "still no baby" and Instagram photos labeled "overdue" and I know the feeling. I rubbed my gigantic belly 8 days past its "due" and wondered would she ever arrive. I remember cringing when people told me to take another nap, because soon enough I would never nap again ever ever ever (that's a lie, thanks heavens).  Well, the truth that any overly pregnant mother knows is that is impossible. Somewhere around 35 weeks, you are so full of baby (of life!) that you can't sleep because suddenly this impending life change is very, very real. Its flipping and kicking and sometimes making you think you're in labor when you're not. Its magical.

So magical, in fact, that your friends will think you are worthy of a tiara. Don't worry, you are.

So to all of my expectant friends, I say--don't sleep. After all, you can't pile sleep like coins in a bank. Lay there and let yourself dream about all of the things to come. Try to draw the outline of their nose, predict the pitch of their cries and particular way they'll separate their veggies. Because, soon enough--they will be here. They will be nothing and more than what you expected. But for now, its the only time in your life that you can know someone so intimately before you have even seen their face. Magic.

 Vintage Austen. My ovaries hurt.
(Photo credit: Paul Ryan Eagle Photography)